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Catie Romero Finger

Bab Labs

CEO & Co-Founder

Tech stories need to be told and they need to be told as quickly, clearly and simply as possible. That isn’t easy given both the complexity of the technologies involved and the vast diversity of those who will be most impacted by the disruption they bring.

When we talk about diversity in tech, we’re not just talking about quotas and wokeness. We’re not even just talking about the ever-expanding range of industries making their way across investment portfolios – blockchain, crypto, DeFi, FinTech, GameFi (Web3).

No, when we talk about diversity in tech, we’re talking about innovation and impact.

I have lived and breathed innovation for the better part of a decade. From Chicago to London and Sevilla, I’ve sold innovation stories far and wide, and I am far from the only veteran to have come to the conclusion that diversity breeds innovation.

The Silicon Valley archetype may dominate popular understandings of the tech world, but communities across the world are not only driving innovation themselves but defining the impact these new technologies can have.

DeFi means those living in corrupt or failed states can create and earn in currencies unhindered by their country’s politics. It means women the world over can earn from home, secure in their financial independence. It means we can judge those born outside the established economies of the north based on their talent, rather than their geographic privilege.

The projects I’m now involved in include a DeFi platform set up to serve excluded communities left behind by the crypto revolution and an NFT platform designed for bad-ass bitches from the global south.

If my first fifteen years in the field were defined by innovation, I want my next fifteen years to focus on impact.