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Christian Montoya

MetaMask, Consensys‍

Head of Developer Innovation

Christian Montoya is the Head of Developer Innovation at MetaMask. With 15 years of experience in blockchain, apps, and games, Christian oversees Snaps and the Wallet API, and covers a broad range of topics including multichain, dapps, protocols, S developer tooling, and new use cases for wallets.

As Head of Developer Innovation at MetaMask, he is committed to fostering a successful ecosystem for developers and users.
Prior to joining Consensys, Christian had numerous roles at organizations both big and small, working in gaming, education, music technology, artificial intelligence, and data privacy. He is also an NFT creator and junior Solidity developer, having independently launched 3 NFT projects to date. A strong believer in open platforms, he regularly meets with and supports developers to help them get started building with MetaMask.