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Edwin Mata Navarro


CEO & Co-founder

As a Web3 BUILDER and EDUCATOR, I have dedicated myself to bridging the divide between technology and legal compliance, leveraging my background as a lawyer to delve into the world of blockchain and decentralized solutions. As a BUILDER, through my startup, Brickken, I aim to create a comprehensive token suite that simplifies the process of creating, selling, and managing digital assets such as STOs, ICOs, and NFTs, utilizing Web3 as a means of funding. Additionally, it fosters new channels of communication, engagement, and retention for users, customers, partners, and investors.

As an EDUCATOR, I share my knowledge and expertise by teaching at universities and business schools and by creating the Master in Blockchain and Crypto program at Nuclio Digital School and Binance. Through my presentations and publications, I work to demystify blockchain technology and educate others on its potential for driving decentralization, community building, and interconnectivity. I have had the opportunity to share my insights with a wide audience and connect with like-minded individuals through speaking at events worldwide and contributing to various media outlets. Despite the challenges that come with venturing into uncharted territory, I am constantly inspired by the potential for growth and learning that each day brings. Always building, always educating, always embarking into the unknown.