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Eliott Chun

Architect Partners LLC


At the frontlines of crypto since 2017, Architect Partners is a blockchain and crypto asset-dedicated M&A and strategic financing advisory team.Architect Partners delivers premium-value M&A advisory and strategic financing to sophisticated entrepreneurs, investors, public company senior executives and boards of directors.

Founded in 2010, AP’s team is led by seasoned M&A and financing practitioners who have honed their craft over decades at major firms and technology boutiques and lead every engagement. AP delivers experienced and considered advice, nuanced sector domain knowledge, relationships and aggressive transaction execution with professionals located across the United States.

Most importantly, the AP team has delivered successful results for hundreds of clients in transactions valued in aggregate at over $30B.Architect Partners’ proprietary research, Architect Insights, is published multiple times weekly and delivers data-led insight and perspectives on major crypto sector themes and trends, M&A and financing transactions and public company activity. For additional information about the firm, please visit