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Felix Leupold

CoW Protocol

Technical co-founder

Hi, I am a Software Engineer with a deep interest in the intersection of finance, cryptography and game theory.

During my studies I interned at a few FAANG companies and later joined Facebook full time to build end-to-end encryption for Messenger. I also worked on real-time infrastructure for Newsfeed.

In 2018 I joined Gnosis, a blockchain company originally focussed on developing prediction markets. We researched and built fair exchange mechanisms for Ethereum which later turned into its own project - CoW Protocol.

I'm now leading the technical development at CoW Swap, a frequent batch auction mechanism on Ethereum, that aims to solve MEV by batching orders and clearing every trade at a single uniform price per block. This makes trading more efficient and achieves fairness for the least sophisticated participants while reducing the power for rent extracting parties such as "searchers" and "arbitrageurs".