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Florian Rais

Criptonite Asset Management

Founder & CEO

Florian Rais, Founder & CEO of Criptonite Asset Management

Florian has over 25 years of experience in traditional finance and investment management. He started his career with Bank Pictet in Geneva and then London where he became head of their investment management team. In 2018, Florian founded Geneva based and FINMA regulated Criptonite Asset Management, an award-winning digital asset investment manager, offering traditional and crypto-native investors access to digital asset investments. Florian Rais brings a unique perspective to the crypto space, having successfully navigated the intersection of traditional finance and the rapidly evolving world of digital assets. His expertise covers a wide range of topics, including crypto and digital assets, investment management, private equity, regulatory governance, risk management and the impact of digital assets on business and the broader global financial markets.