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Jan Smejkal


Chief Strategy Officer

I like to build. Nothing fulfills me more than "playing long-term games with long-term people". Here's 6 quick things about me and a short version of my journey (so far):

1/ Born in a small town in Czech Republic, moved to China 7 years ago and made it my second home.
2/ Became the "China Guy" for many (thus the nickname YourChinaGuy), built network and new friendships from 0 and learned Mandarin Chinese with zero prior knowledge in order to better understand Chinese culture and drive better business results for my employers, clients as well as my own projects/companies.
3/ Travelled Asia and the rest of the world while building and scaling some of the world's largest organizations.
4/ Had a vlog, launched a podcast (check out the featured section) and now building a popular Twitter Spaces / podcast discussing all things Bitcoin Ordinals.
5/ Built and contributed to numerous communities centered around "bridging East x West", along the way I had a chance to work with legends such as Gary Vaynerchuk and Peter H. Diamandis as well as media powerhouses like Forbes and others.
6/ Ventured into the world of investing, discovered web3 / NFTs / Ordinals and got hooked.