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Jorge Serna


CEO Europe

Senior technology executive and product enthusiast with 15+ years of experience leading teams and creating software that delights millions of customers. As Product Director, responsible for product strategy, portfolio roadmap an people management for several business units, with success stories like:

• TU Go – making your phone line available in any device, with mobile applications (iOS and Android) and web experiences. Bridging the gap between the telecommunications service offering and the VoIP internet approach. Rolled out in 6 markets (UK, Brazil, Argentina, Perú, México and Colombia) through local operating companies from the Telefonica Digital branch. Managing global product roadmap and product execution in an extremely complex corporate, regulatory and go-to-market context, achieving millions of MAUs and a 44% increase on customer loyalty.

• TU Go WiFi Calling in Brazil - First Native WiFi Calling launch by a telco in Latin America, in partnership with Apple and Samsung for technical and marketing support for their devices. Turning a competing offering into an additional strength for our existing product line, and increasing in 200% the user base.

• Yavoy - In-house solution for Ring Back Tones service in Spain, México, Argentina and Venezuela reaching +2 million subscribers and +15M€/year. Creating a multi-channel, self provision value-added product for a specific market, then scaling it globally.Wide expertise in designing how products should interact with customers, from IVR voice-based systems or conversational chatbots to rich web and application experiences. Love listening to customers to find out how our products make their lives better, but also to understand what is not working, so we can be constantly improving.