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Patrick Martin

European Media Finance

Managing Partner

As a Managing Partner at European Media Finance Ltd (EMF), I invest in and support innovative technology companies in the fields of Blockchain, Web3, Fintech, and Carbon Capture. With my 30+ years of experience as a serial entrepreneur, venture capitalist, and investment banker, I provide strategic guidance, business development, and growth capital to help my portfolio companies achieve scale and success.

I am also a General Partner Europe at Alpha Sigma Capital, a pioneering digital asset fund that invests in companies and decentralized projects that leverage blockchain technology to create efficiency and value in various sectors. I am passionate about the potential of blockchain and Web3 to transform the economy and society, and I am a frequent speaker and industry specialist on these topics. I bring my extensive network, deal flow, and expertise to Alpha Sigma Capital and its founders, enabling them to access opportunities and resources in the European market.

Current active board positions:
- Board director at Uphold Europe
- Board director at ITI Capital Group
- Board member Afions Inc.
- Board member Gravity Energy AG
- Board director European Media Finance Ltd.

- Advisor Board Member Bitmine Immersion Technology Inc
- Senior Advisor at Drake Star Partners
- Senior Advisor at AlphaQ Capital Fund of Funds