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Ryón Nixon

Horizons Law and Consulting


Ryón Nixon is a cutting-edge attorney, entrepreneur, and investor in the cryptocurrency space. Born and raised in New York City, Ryón embarked to California to attend UCLA School of Law. After graduating, Ryón completed a prestigious federal clerkship in the Central District of California and then entered the world of venture capital, joining Brubaker Law where Ryón worked with some of Silicon Valley’s most successful companies.

In 2016, Ryón fell down the cryptocurrency rabbit hole. One of the first projects that he worked with was MyEtherWallet, the first non-custodial wallet built on Ethereum. After guiding MyEtherWallet through their transition to MyCryptoWallet, and eventually helping MyCryptoWallet be acquired by Consensys, Ryón concentrated his focus on the burgeoning cryptocurrency sector.

Ryón’s experiences as an attorney in the cryptocurrency space have been diverse. After being one of the first attorneys to commit himself fully to this innovative new space, Ryón was Solana’s genesis external General Counsel, beginning his work with Solana in 2018 and guiding them through their extraordinarily successful token launch. Additionally, Ryón has worked with other top cryptocurrency projects such as Synthetix, Akash Network, and many more. Outside of his day-to-day practice, Ryón has also helped move forward industry-wide policy initiatives. He was a founding member of the Proof of Stake Alliance (“POSA”). Through his work with POSA, Ryón met with congressmen, policy advisors, and other political operatives to ensure that staking rewards were fairly taxed and regulated.

Ryón prides himself on being more than just an attorney. He advises clients on their most pressing issues, connects his clients with his large network of investors, and uses his 7+ year tenure in the cryptocurrency space to comprehensively guide his clients towards success. As an entrepreneur himself, Ryón is uniquely positioned to offer industry-leading guidance. Ryón is a co-founder of Paragons DAO, a web3 gaming community that enables the sharing of in-game web3 assets, allowing under-resourced players to access top-tier web3 gaming assets.

In addition to Horizons Law & Consulting Group, Ryón is a founder of Horizons Global, a Cayman Islands-based consulting firm that advises on Web3 entity structures. Horizons Global has worked with layer one protocols, DeFi platforms, oracle solutions, interchain bridges, and many other cryptocurrency-related projects to ensure that companies in the space have a comprehensive, compliant, and global entity structuring strategy. Ryón is also a co-founder of Mugen DAO Advisory, a multi-jurisdiction operation that helps Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (“DAOs”) operate in a maximally compliant manner.

As an investor, Ryón has his own proprietary fund named Marin Digital Ventures. Through his fund, Ryón has invested in over 150 deals, primarily in the cryptocurrency sector. This wealth of experience helps Ryón understand the needs of companies and investors alike. He can put himself in the shoes of both sides of a transaction and focus on the most important aspects of every deal.

Overall, Ryón continues to dedicate himself to the cryptocurrency industry because he believes it is one of the most transformative technologic movements in history. After many years, and many battles, Ryón is more dedicated to his mission to bring open and permissionless systems to a global audience than ever before.