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Wu Pei

IOBC Capital

Managing Partner

Pei Wu is a London based fund partner, start-ups advisor, board member and early stage investor. Her career spans start-ups, Private Equity, M&A, family offices and blockchain investments. Led Web3 investments to:

- 1kx (Germany & London), an early-stage investment firm that specializes in ecosystem growth, 1kx strives to help the best and brightest ideas in web3 find growth and economic sustainability.

- Fabric Ventures (London), investing in builders, businesses and digital assets from inception to scaling since 2012. Fabric is building on OpenOcean’s peerless open source pedigree and Firestart’s background in seed investing and blockchain focus, and is backing the boldest projects forming the foundation of the ‘Open Economy’.

- RockawayX (London), a venture capital firm backing leading Web3 funds and founders. Based in London, Zurich and Prague, focus on long-term value creation by providing engineering, liquidity and community support.

- OP Crypto (New York), investing in early-stage founders that are building the app-layer infrastructure that will power the future of Web3 Gaming, Social, and NFTs.

- Ingonyama is a next-generation semiconductor company, focusing on Zero Knowledge Proof hardware acceleration. Using a broad, multidisciplinary approach and a deep understanding of the ZK landscape, Ingonyama focus on finding and solving computational bottlenecks in ZK Proofs.

- Alluvial is building the enterprise-grade liquid staking standard liquid collective. Alluvial is a software development company supporting the development of the Liquid Collective protocol.

-Tesseract Energy, board advisor & angel investor, build products to accelerate global renewable energy adoption. TE is revolutionary Blockchain-based renewable energy network founded by Revolut Co-founder.

- Anagram (founded by Lily Liu & Joe Eagan), angel investor, accelerate the digitization and financialization of everything and enable everyone to participate in the digital asset ecosystem.

- BoomFi, angel investor, all-in-one solution to send, accept and convert crypto payments. Fast multi-chain crypto and fiat settlement.

- Fence, angel investor, led by Semantic Ventures, Fence is transforming Debt Facilities’ spreadsheets and PDFs into standard and reusable pieces of code to automate capital and asset flows, reducing 70% of the operating costs and providing real-time monitoring.

-Yesports, angel investor, the largest esports to web3 gaming platform is set to go bigger. Yesports represents 11 global esports teams and their 36 million fans from 5 continents in web3.