All assets will eventually be tokenized. 

Grande Halle de la villette ON February 13th- 14TH, 2025

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Grande Halle de la villette

Real-world asset (RWA) tokenization is revolutionizing the digital assets landscape, offering unprecedented opportunities.

Here's what you can expect at our conference:

Informative presentations and panel discussions that demystify RWA tokenization, including the conversion of tangible assets into digital tokens, blockchain's role, and industry implications.

Real-world case studies highlighting RWA tokenization's versatility across art, real estate, commodities, and securities, showcasing enhanced liquidity, fractional ownership, and streamlined processes.

Insider insights into the global investment landscape for RWA-based projects, providing guidance for navigating the funding process for your ventures in this rapidly growing space.

Unparalleled networking opportunities with a vibrant community of RWA enthusiasts, developers, investors, and entrepreneurs from around the globe, fostering potential collaborations and connections.

We have a stunning line-up of speakers for NFT, RWA, Ordinals and XYZ Paris. 

We select the top 0.005% of applications. If you do not hear from us, reach out to learn more about paid/partnership opportunities. 

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SECRET TWEET : GM @nft_paris 🕯️

Where exactly ?

RWA Paris is taking place inside NFT Paris, the largest web3 event - with a dedicated place for networking and a stage for talks.